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Meet the team

Although it bears my name, Nourish by Jane Clarke could never be a one-person project. So meet the team! 
Together, we want to share how food can nourish and empower those facing illness, and those who care for them.

Jane Clarke, BSc, SRD, (Hon) DSc
I founded Nourish by Jane Clarke to provide inspiration, advice and delicious recipe ideas for anyone whose enjoyment of food or ability to eat well is hampered by illness. I’ve been a dietitian for more than 30 years and run a specialist cancer and dementia nutrition practice in London. I also know first-hand what it’s like to care for someone whose life is affected by a serious health condition, as my dad has a rare form of dementia. I believe that food nourishes your life, not just your body. With Nourish by Jane Clarke, our goal is to empower you at a difficult time, but also listen to and learn from our community, so we can talk about our worries and find solutions together. 

Favourite Nourish recipe:
at the moment it’s baked apples, as I love to eat them warm for breakfast in the morning.

Andreas Wingert, Nourish chef
Andreas Wingert chef Nourish by Jane Clarke

I trained as a chef in Germany and worked for 15 years in high-end restaurants across Europe, before joining a hospital group as Executive Head Chef. This is where I developed a passion for providing great-tasting food that improves the wellbeing of the most vulnerable. Food is medicine, and I love the opportunity to develop delicious, healthy dishes for the NHS and private hospitals, and now for Nourish by Jane Clarke. A highlight has been helping to create the Nourish Afternoon Tea, which encourages people to share tasty treats with loved ones and their community, and at the same time raise awareness of the eating challenges that illness can bring.

Favourite Nourish recipe: I have two! One is the beautiful fresh Ginger Cake from our Nourish Afternoon Tea. It’s the perfect treat for anyone unable to eat a crumbly cake. The other is my Nourish bone broth, which fills the house with mouthwatering smells. A cup is a wonderful pick-me-up.

Clare Gray, dietitian & Nourish chef
clare gray dietitian

Eating should be one of life’s great pleasures, not one of its trials, which is why I’m thrilled to bring my love of food and clinical experience to Nourish. Like Jane, I’m a dietitian with many years working with the NHS and public health bodies. As a nutritionist, I’ve seen how changing the way you eat can change your life. And as a chef, I’ve worked in professional kitchens, including Chez Panisse, Alice Waters’ legendary US restaurant. I hope the recipes I create for Nourish give you the confidence and know-how to eat food you love, because even if you’re on a specialist diet, you don’t need to compromise on taste.

Favourite Nourish recipe: Smoked trout and dill pate. Just 10 minutes to prepare and packed with flavour and goodness.

Andréa Childs, Nourish content editor
Andrea Childs content editor freelance journalist

I worked with Jane when I was Assistant Editor at Red and she wrote a regular nutrition column for the magazine, so I was thrilled when she contacted me at the launch of Nourish and asked me to get involved. My role is to tell stories that connect, inform and inspire, whether it’s getting to the truth of food myths, or sharing people's experiences. What I love about the Nourish approach is that this is food that everyone can enjoy – young, old, healthy or unwell. It’s about dignity and care.

Favourite Nourish recipe: roasted aubergines with tahini. I often make it for lunch when I’m working at home.

Gillian Ford, Nourish PA
Gillian Ford PA Nourish by Jane Clarke

I was born and educated in Edinburgh, but have worked for over 30 years in London as a Personal Assistant. Jane and I first connected in 2013, through a patient of hers. When she asked me to join the Nourish team in January this year, I didn’t hesitate! Jane’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and I’m excited by all Nourish can achieve by helping the vulnerable enjoy delicious and nutritious food.

Favourite Nourish recipe: Chicken & Pasta soup. It's warming, soothing and delicious. 

'Jane Clarke is an exceptional nutritionist. She loves food and she’s a great cook – what a tiger!'
Jamie Oliver

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