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You deserve to be treated
with care and a human touch
through the healing process

Being well nourished
enhances one's quality
and quantity of life

You can be empowered to understand your condition and be part of the solution

Welcome to nourish

When you’re unwell, one of the worst things is the way suddenly everything revolves around your illness.You crave normality and being able to appreciate simple pleasures, like enjoying your food again.

I’ve created Nourish to help people who are poorly, and their carers, to find pleasure, inspiration, comfort and, of course, nourishment from what they eat.

You’ll find advice on eating well when you have specific health challenges, such as cancer, dementia and heart disease.

I’ve looked at common food difficulties, such as swallowing issues and lack of appetite, and provided tips and recipes to help.

Cook with us, join our community and share your stories and recipes. Come and discover what Nourish means for you.

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A Nourish-ing new year

A Nourish-ing new year

The start of a new year is a natural time to rethink how, what and why we eat what we do. For me, it’s about finding easy ways to eat better and cook smarter, so that we can enjoy delicious, nourishing food that enhances our health and our lives. So, here are my Nourish resolutions for 2017.
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Santa’s little helpers

Santa’s little helpers

I know that this can be a frantic time but, if we can take a few moments away from the shops and stress, it’s also a wonderful season for sharing a love of food and knowledge of cooking with our children.
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