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Food and cancer Q&A

I'm answering questions on what to eat when you have cancer, in my fourth video for Macmillan Cancer Support.
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Let's talk about fruit and vegetables

Here is my third video for Macmillan Cancer Support, looking at the huge nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables and how to incorporate them into your diet.
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Cancer and dairy foods

My second video for Macmillan Cancer Support looks at whether eating dairy foods is bad for you when you have cancer. Plus, read about calcium-rich alternatives if you decide to reduce dairy in your diet.
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Does sugar feed cancer?

I'm thrilled to have been asked by Macmillan Cancer Support to join their Ask an Expert panel. As well as answering questions for members of the Macmillan community, I will be filming a series of videos on common issues around eating when you are being treated for cancer or you're in recovery. Do take a look at the first episode, which tackles the vexed issue of sugar and cancer.
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Let's talk about Nourish

Take a look at the video to find out more about Nourish and our aim to make incredible food and nourishment accessible to everyone in need, both in care settings and at home.
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