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Welcome to Nourish by Jane Clarke

Nourish by Jane ClarkeI am so excited and proud to be launching my new website today. It’s been such an amazing project to bring Nourish to the online environment and this is only the start. I am particularly looking forward to building our Nourish community as this is where we can all share, inspire and support through our stories, recipes and suggestions.
Communities not only provide us with a place of support and companionship but they also collectively bring about change. The environment where we care for and love those around us is one of the most valuable from which to galvanise every ounce of passion to turn into change for the better. This is your community, so join us, let us know what you want and need and we will do our utmost to provide it.
Maya is excited too, as she’s seen the hard work which has gone into it, not just from me, but from all of my amazing team and so there is no better time, when the summer months are rolling past, to launch something new and inspiring. My dear friend Andrea asked to interview me to hear why I’ve launched Nourish, so see her interview in the About Me section.
Maya and Ollie

Talking of new and inspiring, Maya is loving having her new horse Ollie with her at home for the long summer holidays. I’ve not known a horse to be more pampered, nor loved. She spends her days whiling away the hours at the stables, training and mucking out; for her there is no better time to be had. I have to persuade her even to stop for lunch, as she’d happily stay in ‘loving my horse’ autopilot-mode for hours, so I decided this week to make packed lunches more exciting than the traditional, albeit delicious sandwiches she normally likes to have, by adding some soup in a wide flask.

It might sound strange to be talking soups, but I find that if she has a soup, such as the Bright Green Pea Soup which you’ll find in my Recipes section (although at this time of the year I like to use a combination of frozen and fresh peas, and top with a few pea shoots) it helps to fill the stomach more and we can both go for longer hours, before needing our next refuelling.

The colour of this soup is so vibrant, and the flavours so subtle that it’s the perfect mid-summer soup, which can so easily be made more nourishing and richer in calories, if you serve with some ciabatta croutons, drizzle in a green Tuscan olive oil - a delicious meal in a bowl.
Bright Green Pea Soup

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