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What’s in Season

Eating seasonally is a complex issue, as in the shops it’s often hard to decipher what’s seasonal and what’s just on offer, or part of their eclectic array of produce, shipped and flown in from all over the world.

I like to eat as seasonally as I can. Not only does it tend to mean the food is fresh and grown without forcing, and hasn’t travelled hundreds of air miles to my table, but because it means that we’re more likely to be supporting British growers. Equally importantly, we truly appreciate something when it’s rare and around only for a short time – English asparagus steamed and served with a fresh mayonnaise in May; biting into one of the amazing array of British apples harvested in the autumn; bowls of roasted pumpkin soup at Halloween; or sharing steamed Jersey Royals alongside poached salmon during summer.

If you have months to build up your excitement at the new seasonal produce coming into the shops, the anticipation adds to the final joy of eating. And in many instances, the glut of local availability will mean markets and supermarkets will be far more generous in their pricings, so some real bargains can be found.

Try to take advantage of what’s in season – see my list for ideas of what’s good to look out for throughout the year.

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