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 Which locations are applicable to a 2 day delivery with DPD, not next day delivery?

  • Northern Island - BT
  • Isle of Man - IM
  • Channel Islands - JE + GY
  • Scilly Islands - TR21
  • Scottish Highlands & Islands
  • Northern Highlands, Orkney Shetland are 2-4 day.

    How many Nourish Drinks do I need each day?

    Everyone’s needs are different but we do know that when you are unwell, fighting infection, coping with the side effects of cancer or its treatment, or recovering from surgery or trauma, your body needs more calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals than someone who is completely well. It’s rather like when you are training for a marathon, you’ve taken up road cycling or you’re working hard at the gym – you need to ensure you take in sufficient macro and micronutrients to meet your body’s needs.


    Each Nourish Drink contains between 495 and 577 calories per carton, depending on the flavour and contains essential protein, carbohydrate, good fats, vitamins and minerals so they can be used as a natural alternative to a meal on the days you can’t face eating but want to be reassured you’re getting the goodness your body needs.

    The drinks also make a good between-meals boost when you need extra calories, or when you’re out and about and want a drink you can trust.


    If you would like your Nourish Drink thicker or thinner?

    We like to think we've got the texture of our Nourish Drinks just right - the recipe is designed so they're thick and silky enough to slip down easily, but not so dense that they feel cloying.

    The beauty of Nourish Drinks is that they're made purely from all-natural and organic ingredients - no synthetic fillers, additives or other nasties - so it's easy to tweak the formula to suit your tastes, mood, or eating challenges.

    If you want your Nourish Drink thicker ... as they're made with milk and cream, real fresh fruits and chocolate, cooling the drinks will make them naturally slightly thicker.  You could also blend in some extra double cream or a banana for a denser consistency.

    If you want your Nourish Drink thinner ... warming the drinks will make them thinner.  This is a lovely option for the Vanilla and Chocolate Nourish Drinks in particular, giving you a cosy, sustaining warm drink.

    You could also blend in some extra milk, water or natural fruit juice for a more liquid consistency.


    Are Nourish Drinks organic?

    We’ve used only organic milk, cream, fruits and chocolate in our drinks, plus added vitamins and minerals, because we want our customers to be reassured Nourish Drinks are packed with goodness and only the best ingredients. We also add additional vitamins and minerals to our drinks, to give your body the nourishment it craves when you’re vulnerable. While we are unable to source a truly organic supplement mix, we are using the same one you would find in an organic baby drink that is the perfect balance for your body.


    Why are Nourish Drinks made with cow's milk and not a plant-based milk?

    We’re a fan of both dairy and non-dairy milks, but when it came to producing our Nourish Drinks, we opted for the milk that offers the best nutrient profile base to provide accessible, easy nourishment. Calcium-rich foods including cow’s milk are also proven to be beneficial to bone health (which can be affected by certain medication, such as steroids) and there is interesting research showing they can help our bowel produce anti-cancer substances such as butyrate.  Plant-based milks do not have the same balance of protein and calories, meaning you would need to drink a significantly larger volume to achieve the same nutritional benefits – not easy if poor appetite is a problem. Increasing the amount of protein in a nut milk to provide the quantity we know you need in a smaller volume would make it grainy and hard to swallow, while coconut milk would become too heavy and high in fat – although we are looking at ways to make a plant-based Nourish Drink in the future. You can find our recipe for a coconut-milk Turmeric Shot here, plus read our guide to non-dairy milks to find our favourites.


    Why do Nourish Drinks contain added sugar?

    Our Nourish Drinks do contain a small amount of organic, unrefined sugar.  Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that provides our body with the essential energy it needs, especially if we’re living with illness, recovering from surgery or finding life challenging, either physically or emotionally. The organic dairy milk, cream, fruits and chocolate in our recipes contribute natural sugar to our Nourish Drinks. 


    Jane’s expertise ensures that the carefully chosen ingredients and recipes for Nourish Drinks provide the body with a nourishing level of protein,  essential fats, carbohydrates, fibre, plus 26 vitamins and minerals. The protein helps to slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, meaning the drinks provide a sustained source of energy and you’re less likely to experience the classic sugar high followed by a crash that other sweet foods can cause.


    For more information on managing the sugar in your diet, take a look at Jane’s blogs: 


    Does sugar feed cancer?


    Why are Nourish Drinks low in fibre?

    Unless there is a specific medical need for additional fibre in your diet, the last thing you want to do when you have poor appetite is to fill yourself up with high-fibre drinks and foods. Fibre is great if you want to eat less, as it is bulky and filling, but when your body desperately needs nourishment you should be focused on consuming sufficient calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to help build strength and endurance.


    Large amounts of fibre not only fill you up too much, they can also interfere with the absorption of some key nutrients, which is why Nourish Drinks have low fibre levels, allowing essential nutrients to be as easily and efficiently absorbed as possible.


    Our stomachs are much smaller than most people realise and can shrink when you’re unwell. Nourish Drinks are nutritious and calorie rich, offering a delicious, natural alternative to current meal replacement options.


    Are Nourish Drinks suitable for diabetics?

    You can enjoy our Nourish Drinks if you are living with diabetes as it is a question of viewing them as part of your daily intake.  The drinks are dairy based and the fats and proteins in the milk help to slow down the absorption of the sugar in the drinks.


    Can I have Nourish Drinks if I have high cholesterol?

    You are still able to enjoy our drinks as part of your diet when you have a high cholesterol level. While our Nourish Drinks are dairy based, they do not contain any unstable fats, such as highly processed trans fats, which should be avoided by anyone with high cholesterol. 


    Are Nourish Drinks vegetarian?

    Yes, our Nourish Drinks are suitable for vegetarians. No meat or fish is used in the preparation of our drinks and this includes the vitamins and minerals.


    As Nourish Drinks contain protein, are they suitable for someone who has Parkinson’s Disease?

    Our Nourish Drinks have a protein content suitable for someone living with Parkinson’s Disease.


    Can I have Nourish Drinks if I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding?
    Yes, Nourish Drinks contain only natural and organic ingredients, with no artificial additives or flavourings. They are also gently pasteurised so they are safe to drink when you are pregnant. Nourish Drinks contain a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, as well as 26 vitamins and minerals, to nourish your body during pregnancy, childbirth, and if you choose to breastfeed. We recommend you sip Nourish Drinks to provide important nourishment if you are experiencing morning sickness or nausea, and enjoy them as a supplement to your meals to support your body and boost energy during pregnancy.


    Are Nourish Drinks lactose free?

    Our Nourish Drinks do contain lactose as they’re based around milk. However, some of our customers who have lactose intolerance problems have found that as the drinks contain only natural organic ingredients and no artificial additives, they’re able to tolerate the drinks. 


     Are Nourish Drinks gluten free?

    Yes all four flavours of our delicious Nourish Drinks are gluten free.


    Can children have Nourish Drinks?

    Yes absolutely our Nourish Drinks are suitable for children over the age of 3 as a delicious supplement to their usual food intake, but are only suitable as a sole source of nourishment for children over the age of 6.


    How does the subscription work?

    If after trying our Nourish Drinks you decide you wish to order the drinks regularly, you may like to arrange a monthly subscription. This means when you place your order and select the subscription option, you will then receive this order on the same date each month. Don’t worry if you change your mind at any time, as you can amend your order or cancel your subscription. You will be sent a reminder each month, just a few days before your subscription order is due to be dispatched, so you have the opportunity to change quantities or flavours, etc.


    Are Nourish Drinks suitable for weight loss?

    Nourish Drinks contain between 495 and 577 calories per carton, depending on the flavour. They are nourishing drinks containing protein, carbohydrate, good fats, vitamins and minerals that can be used by some people to aid weight loss, but that obviously depends on individual circumstances. If you would like an appointment with Jane Clarke to discuss weight loss, please contact Gillian (Jane’s PA) on


    Please could I have a complete list of ingredients used in Nourish Drinks?

    Please click on the flavour for a complete list of ingredients:






    Do I need to keep the Nourish Drinks in the fridge?

    When storing Nourish Drinks keep them at an ambient temperature, in a dry place.  When you are ready to have a Nourish Drink, pop it in the fridge to chill, then pour, sip and enjoy!


    What is the shelf life of a Nourish Drink?

    Our Nourish Drinks can be kept safely until:

    08.02.2023 (vanilla)

    before drinking. Ideally, keep them in a cool environment and then chill in the fridge before serving.


    Do your deliver Nourish Drinks abroad?

    We don’t offer this option at the moment but we are hoping to in the future. 

    However some of our Nourish customers have loved ones abroad who enjoy our Nourish Drinks and have used a company called Shop & Ship to deliver the drinks from London to an address abroad at reasonable shipping rates. 

    If you are interested in finding out more details please go to their website:  Please note Nourish by Jane Clarke are not affiliated in any way with this company and once the Nourish Drinks have been delivered to the delivery address on the Nourish order (ie London drop off address) we would not be liable if there was an issue.


    Are your Nourish Drinks Kosher approved?

    At present, we do not hold certification from Kosher, which verifies our Nourish Drink ingredients, production facility and actual production have no traces of non-kosher substances. 


    Are the Nourish Drinks probiotic?

    Our Nourish Drinks are not probiotic, as we have designed them to be suitable for anyone who is immune compromised and vulnerable; this means we are unable to use live probiotic bacteria in them. But like any milk-based drink, the organic milk acts as a natural prebiotic which can help our own gut grow its own probiotic bacteria.


    How many calories are in your Nourish Drink?

    Each Nourish Drink contains between 495 and 577 calories per carton, depending on the flavour and is nutritionally complete, so can be used as a meal replacement on the days you can’t face eating but want to be reassured you’re getting the goodness your body needs.


    Nourish Drinks made in the UK?

    Yes – and we use organic British milk and cream, too, because we want to support British farmers and manufacturing. Our other ingredients – organic chocolate, vanilla, mango and raspberries – can’t be reliably sourced in the quantities we need from the UK, so we’ve taken care to find the best suppliers overseas.


    Are Nourish Drinks good value?

    We believe our body deserves the best when it’s most in need, so we make our Nourish Drinks with real organic raspberries, real mango, amazing Madagascan vanilla and the same high-quality chocolate the best chocolate makers use in their bars – no artificial flavours and preservatives. Our 330ml size is larger than other supplement drinks (200ml), so you get more nourishment in every bottle. And because Nourish Drinks are so delicious, there’s less wastage, too. It all adds up to good value, and true enjoyment and dignity, too.


    Why do you choose Tetra Pak cartons?

    Nourish Drinks come in fully recyclable cartons made from 75 per cent paperboard, which makes them more sustainable than plastic bottles with plastic straws. They’re attractive and convenient, and easy to sip from with a reusable straw (we like straws made from reeds or bamboo, which feel good in the mouth). As Nourish Drinks can be kept safely for two months before drinking, multiple packs can be ordered in a single delivery, which reduces our carbon footprint, too.


    Can Nourish Drinks be served warm?

    Absolutely! Although Nourish Drinks are delicious chilled, they can be enjoyed in lots of ways. Try warming our Nourish Chocolate as an alternative to traditional hot chocolate, add Nourish Vanilla to a shot of espresso to make a creamy cup of coffee, freeze Nourish Raspberry to make a smooth ice cream, or pour Nourish Mango over a slice of sponge cake instead of cream.


    Does heating or freezing the drinks affect their nutrient content?

    There is a slight reduction in the vitamin and mineral content of Nourish Drinks if they are served warmed or frozen, but the amount of protein, carbohydrates and calories remains the same, so you still get the nourishing boost you need.


    Why do you use Royal Mail and a separate courier for deliveries?

    Creating community and human connections is a huge part of our Nourish mission, and we believe most people know their local postie better than an occasional courier. Being handed your Nourish package by a friendly face is part of the experience! But we know there are times when you will need your order to be delivered quickly – for example, if someone is coming out of hospital and you want their Nourish Drinks to be there when they get home. That’s why we also offer a quick courier delivery service.


    What’s the difference between Nourish Drinks and the one my doctor might prescribe for me?

    The nutritional values, such as protein, calories, vitamins and minerals, are the same or greater than the majority of drinks available (see nutritional content). The biggest difference is in the taste and consistency that we get from using real fruit and chocolate, and avoiding artificial additives and preservatives that can leave an aftertaste. Jane has looked after patients referred to her by doctors for over 30 years. To learn more about her credentials, please go to the ‘about us’ page.


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