Tasty, tempting and packed with Nourish goodness

Designed to give you a delicious, targeted nutrition boost for when your body needs more but wants less.

What Jane has achieved with Nourish Drinks is incredible; they are therapeutic on so many levels. She has used real ingredients that provide genuine benefits and taste delicious.

Dr Martin Scurr,

Read about Dr Martin Scurr's 30 year career and his experience of Nourish Drinks

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Healthy weight gain

Our drinks are naturally delicious and organic ingredients. We've used only organic milk, cream, fruits and chocolate to give you the ingredients and flavour you want and deserve.

Nutritious meal alternative

Created by nutritionist Jane Clarke BSc, SRD, (Hons) DSc, each drink contains the calories, protein, vitamins and minerals your body needs when you're not able to eat much, or when you require extra nourishment, containing all you need from a meal alternative, in a delicious natural drink.

Made in the UK

We use British milk and cream to support our dairy farmers, and we make all our drinks here in the UK.

Safe when you're vulnerable

Nourish drinks are gently pasteurised, so they're safe even if you have low immunity. Drink on the day of opening for the best taste experience.

Eco friendly

Our drinks come in Tetra Pak cartons which are made from 75% paper and fully recyclable, so you don't have to worry about plastic bottles going to landfill.

Good value

The best ingredients, 330ml cartons (larger than other supplement drinks) and delivered direct to your door – Nourish Drinks offer great value.

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Your lifetime guide to eating well

From pregnancy to your prime years, babies to teens, Jane's book is bursting with vital in-formation and includes over 45 recipes designed to help you feel great. Order your copy now while stocks last.

Recipes you'll love

Simple recipes full of nourishing ingredients and taste-bud tempting flavours. Breakfast, lunches, snacks, desserts and more…

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