We are transforming nourishment for patients, residents and their carers

Jane Clarke, BSc (Hons) SRD DSc, has redefined how nutritional supplement drinks taste, look and are delivered to the market.

We are thrilled with our Nourish Drinks. The residents love them and so do the staff! They have truly been the highlight, a positive thing to look forward to during a really tough time. Relatives love that we have introduced such a nourishing, dignified product to their loved one's day. Deeply honoured to be the first care home in Ireland to use Nourish Drinks. They're a life changer for all involved!


Who are Nourish Drinks for?

Those with eating challenges, often related to health issues and ageing.

The ageing, disease and disability processes can bring a variety of eating challenges, and with that the risk of malnutrition. Issues range from loss of appetite and sweet cravings, to swallowing difficulties and/or choking.

Individuals who are recovering from illness or surgery, or who live with physical and emotional challenges, often have higher nutritional requirements that can’t easily be met. Supplementation with Nourish Drinks provides the additional calories, vitamins, minerals and proteins to aid resilience.

We felt there was a real need to develop a palatable (delicious!) alternative to the nutritional supplement drinks currently available – and crucially, an approach to nutrition promoting the enjoyment of normal food as part of the long-term rehabilitation process.

We are committed to providing a drink that is easy to swallow and digest with deliciously natural and organic ingredients, nourising the most vulnerable.

Listen to Jane talk about the use of Nourish Drinks and how we can help you maintain or improve you CQC rating. F433888C-4E2A-4F2D-92CD-69446B18FDBB

How can Nourish Drinks be used in a Care Home, Domestic, Hospital or Hospice setting?

When managing eating challenges within the care setting, mealtimes can be anxious and stressful for residents and staff. Nourish Drinks are designed to help defuse the pressure: staff can ‘top up’ the consumption of food with an easy-to-drink shake, giving peace of mind that they have taken in sufficient nourishment. Meanwhile, residents enjoy a delicious-tasting shake and begin to feel less overwhelmed and anxious, helping to improve their behaviour and, ultimately, their appetite.

There’s no need to wait for a prescription for Nourish Drinks, so you can be responsive to a resident’s need at the first sign of a problem.

Nourish Drinks can be served as an appetising snack or supplement to residents requiring extra nourishment. And uniquely, they can be incorporated into recipes to enrich everyday meals with much-needed vitamins, minerals, proteins and good fats. Discover our special recipes, which incorporate Nourish Drinks into meals to bring better-rounded, delicious nourishment.

What makes Nourish Drinks different to our competitors?

Nourish Drinks are different to other meal alternative supplements on the market:

  • Each drink is made up of organic milk, cream, fruits and chocolate creating delicious mix of flavours with no nasty aftertaste. Carefully designed, each drink contains between 495-577 calories with 26 essential vitamins and minerals, a delicious, wholesome way to increase your calorie intake.
  • The 330ml carton is gently pasteurised so it is safe even for those with low immunity.

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