Nourish Champions


Nourish Champions

We believe that every mouthful counts, every person matters. As a Nourish Champion it’s your choice to connect with people whom you think might benefit from Nourish. By joining our rewards scheme you can help grow our Champion community – the larger our community, the bigger our voice.

By Jane Clarke

September 30, 2019

You need more than just food, so our Nourish Champions will help our customers connect with others who can offer comfort and inspiration, or just be there.

Together, we can ensure that anyone in need of nourishment can have a more dignified, delicious experience, and that those who look after someone are valued, respected and rewarded by the rest of society.


Our Nourish Champions offer a support system for anyone in need of nourishment:

  • Nourish Drinks made with natural Organic ingredients, packed with goodness to support wellbeing
  • Nourish knowhow to inspire people to eat well and feel empowered
  • Nourish gatherings to connect families, friends and communities

What do you need to do to be a Nourish Champion?

  • Share our message and make a human connection between our Nourish products and the people they support
  • Show there’s an alternative to the chemical-tasting and additive-filled drinks usually presented to people who are unwell or in a care setting
  • Educate your friends and community on simple, nourishing solutions for eating challenges
  • Connect with other people who share our passion – the larger our community of Nourish Champions, the bigger our voice
  • Encourage and congratulate each other by sharing goals and achievements

A message from our founder:

“A few caring people can change the world. I have always been amazed at the power of people to make a difference. When I worked with Jamie Oliver on his school meals campaign (I was the dietitian advising on the lack of nutrition in school lunches and suggesting healthy, tasty alternatives), it was people power that succeeded in getting the Government to improve the food in school canteens. It was the mums, dads, grandparents, friends and professionals who knew we needed to champion the nutritional needs of our children and change what was put on their plates for lunch every day.

Now I want our Nourish Champions to make a difference, too.

Our Champions are the voice of Nourish in our communities. Their mission is to support people, young and old, who are going through a hard time with their health, and help them to find pleasure, inspiration, comfort and nourishment from food. We believe that what you eat doesn’t need to be defined by an illness. Whether it’s one delicious mouthful of a Nourish recipe, a few sips of our Nourish drinks, or a shared moment with a cup of tea at a Nourish Afternoon tea, it all counts towards nourishing your body and mind, helping you to feel normal and independent again.

There is a Champion in all of us. Will you help bring people together and show what a difference true nourishment can make to people’s lives?”

Jane Clarke

Nourish Drinks

Designed to deliver nourishment, taste and dignity

We are incredibly proud of our first range of Nourish Drinks which provide nourishment in four amazingly tasty flavours, made with all-natural, organic ingredients and no nasty additives. The drinks are high in protein, calorie rich and offer valuable vitamins and minerals, packed in easy-to-carry sustainable packaging.

Nourish Drinks are designed for anyone who needs a nourishing boost, from pregnant women to sports lovers. Specifically, they have been created by dietitian Jane Clarke for anyone who is unwell, has an eating challenge or reduced appetite, which leaves their body needing more but wanting less.

What experience do I need to be a Nourish Champion?

Many of our champions have experience of caring for somebody but this isn’t necessary to become a champion. You just have to want to make a difference to people’s wellbeing and to believe, as we do, that being well nourished enhances your quality and quantity of life.

We will provide you with information and knowledge on nutrition, our Nourish Drinks and our recipes. It’s then up to you how much time you spend sharing this information, participating as an active member of the community and being an advocate of our nutritious product range.


Register to become a Nourish Champion today, or talk to a member of the team to find out more. Click here to find out about the Nourish Champion Agreement.