Mini steamed chocolate puddings with Chocolate Nourish sauce

Light sponge and creamy Chocolate Nourish sauce make this a match made in heaven. The sponges can be frozen after cooking, then defrosted and served with warmed Chocolate Nourish Drink.
  • Prep time:
    15 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    40 minutes
  • Serves:


Beat together the butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy. 

In a separate bowl, whisk together the whole eggs, egg yolk and milk. Slowly add the egg mixture to the butter, stirring to combine.

Sift together the flour and cocoa powder, then gently stir it into the egg mixture.

Grease 4 mini sponge moulds, then divide the mixture between them.

Cut 4 squares of foil, brush with melted butter, then cover each pudding with a foil lid, sealing tightly.

Put the puddings in a large saucepan and pour a couple of centimetres of water into the pan. 

Cover with a tight-fitting lid and steam for 40 minutes, topping up the water if necessary so the pan doesn’t dry out. 

When ready, remove the sponges and turn out on to serving plates.

Gently warm the Chocolate Nourish Drink in a saucepan, pour over the puddings and serve.


100g butter, softened, plus extra for greasing

150g icing sugar

2 whole eggs

1 egg yolk

35ml whole milk

200g self-raising flour

40g cocoa powder

2 cartons (330ml x 2) Chocolate Nourish Drink, to serve

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