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Let's talk about Nourish

Jane Clarke at Nourish Afternoon Tea

I set up Nourish because, after 25 years as a dietician, working alongside doctors, consultants and leading healthcare specialists on the frontline of caring for those facing serious illness, I realised there is such a big need for people to understand the foods that will nourish them. Nourish brings you delicious recipes, nutrition knowhow, community support and inspiration to help if you, or someone you love, feels vulnerable due to poor health. 

Do take a look at the video to find out more about Nourish and our aim of making incredible food and nourishment accessible to everyone in need, both in care settings and at home. As our patron Prue Leith says:

'If we can combine good nutrition and good food and good company, we can make at least a moment in everybody's day an interval of pleasure.'

We'd love you to be involved so that we can work together to put true nourishment back on the menu and at the heart of our wellbeing. Find out how to host your own Nourish Afternoon Tea, share experiences, ideas and recipes with our Nourish Community, or sign up to our monthly Nourish Newsletter for updates, recipes and more.

Prue Leith and Jane Clarke

And join the conversation with us on social media, where we'll be talking every day about the issues that matter to you - and bringing you delicious recipe ideas and foodie tips to help nourish you and those you love. 

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