Vanilla Price Increase


Vanilla Price Increase

By Charl G

June 20, 2022

As a company, we strive to manage costs and price our Nourish Drinks fairly – in fact, there hasn't been a price increase since we launched in 2018.


Sadly, the worldwide issues that are driving up the cost of energy, petrol and packaging, as well as the price of the milk, cream and other fresh ingredients we use in our Nourish Drinks, means we need to increase the price of our Nourish Drinks for the first time.


As of 7th May, our Nourish Drinks will increase by 40p per drink, meaning a pack of four will now cost £17.40.


This price increase will mean we can continue to make our Nourish Drinks without compromising on the integrity and quality of our natural and organic ingredients, bringing you the reassurance of goodness in every sip – because every mouthful counts and every person matters.

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