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Reinventing Summer Holidays


For the past few years, Maya and I have reinvented the way we spend August together for the simple reason that life has become so meticulously organised during the rest of the year as Maya juggles her school and home life with her dream to become an accomplished show-jumper and I juggle motherhood with the work I love, but which requires fine planning.


So we made the decision a few years ago to be spontaneous as the 1st August hit us, and to just see where the wind and the sunshine takes us. The first time we tried this, we took one of the classic cars, a gorgeous Mercedes Pagoda, we nicknamed ‘Buttercup’ over to France and literally wended our way through the Brittany countryside, making the decision as to whether to turn left or right, as we went!

Luckily we stumbled across some magical places to stay, from Ancestral chateaus to simple rooms in country inns -we just loved being free to go wherever the desire took us. And this year we are doing exactly the same. Tomorrow we will get out a map and see where, if anywhere, we will head. For the temptation this year to enjoy what’s right on our doorstep seems to be winning.


Maya is happy riding her steed, Monsieur Ollie, so I may just don my big faded yellow sun hat and garden to my heart's content and enjoy whizzing through the country lanes in the Classic car and creating new simple dishes without the pressure to meet a deadline. I’m craving seafood at the moment, so we may just head to the Suffolk coastline, or maybe not…

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  • That holiday was amazing and will never forget the fun we had xxx

    MAya CLarke on

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