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Hold on to that holiday feeling

Time away can help us recharge and hit the reset button after being busy, stressed, or coping with illness. Here, the team shares the ‘Nourishing Moments’ from their holidays this summer, and the healthy habits they want to continue now they’re back home

Jane Clarke, Nourish founder
I went to… Provence with my daughter, Maya, travelling by train as it’s so much more relaxing. We love the architecture here, the wonderful food markets and, of course, the lavender. We stocked up on lavender soaps to keep us going through the winter months.

I know I need a break when… I don’t sleep well and I’m struggling to remain calm for those who need me. The holiday was a chance to pause my usual juggling act with work, my parents and Maya, and focus on just being mum for a few days. To recharge and nourish myself, I also took myself offline from tech – no emails, phone or computer – which is especially hard in the job I do.

I ate… baskets of peaches and plums from the markets, and I brought back delicious olive oil. We were staying in a little hotel, which was a wonderful treat, as although I love to cook, I treasured being off-duty for a few days.

I relaxed by… swimming each morning before breakfast, which was a perfect meditative way to start the day. I also read three huge novels, which is my idea of bliss. Maya and I both decided we wouldn’t go on social media while we were away, so we had lots of time to talk or just be with each other before the next hectic few months for both of us. 

I will try this at home… I’ll be trying out new French recipes inspired by the wonderful produce in Provence – ratatouille is my go-to comfort food. Recreating dishes you’ve enjoyed on holiday with local, seasonal food at home is a great way to rev up dinnertimes when you’re tired of your usual repertoire of dishes. I’ll also be trying to hold on to some of the thinking space that holidays allow. I’ll be working through Your Best Year Yet, a book by Jinny Ditzler, to help me achieve my aim of supporting the unwell, vulnerable and carers with Nourish by Jane Clarke.

I’ll keep the holiday vibe… by reading more novels, even if it’s a few pages before I go to sleep. Putting lavender on my pillow to remind me of Provence. And having tech-free Sundays with Maya.

Gillian Ford, Nourish PA
I went to… Gullane in East Lothian, staying with family and making the most of this summer’s particularly good weather. Being Scottish, each time I cross the border from England my heart sings, especially with the anticipation of a weeklong holiday ahead.

I know I need a break when… I get stressed and irritated by things I normally handle well.

I ate… lobster and fresh fish and also cooked with a lot of spices, which reignited my interest in Indian cookery. There’s a Nourish dahl recipe I’m keen to try and we’re going to put more spiced recipes on our website as they’re brilliant for overcoming the odd taste in the mouth caused by some medications, which can ruin the flavour of food when you need to be well nourished.

I relaxed by… taking our dog Baxter for long walks along the coast to North Berwick. He enjoyed jumping the waves and it was the perfect time to recharge our batteries.

I will try this at home… Walking on the beach inspired me to increase my exercise regime during the autumn and winter months. I’m going to book kayaking lessons as a new challenge.

I’ll keep the holiday vibe… Seeing the sea buckthorn berries appear along the coast made me think about the changing seasons and how quickly time moves on. The holiday was an opportunity to plan the year ahead and also confirmed just how much I look forward to moving back to live in Scotland in a few years’ time.

Andréa Childs, Nourish Content Editor
I went to… Ravello on Italy’s Amalfi coast with my husband and children. I was worried it would be crowded and expensive but actually it was relaxed and beautiful. We swam every day, walked up and down lots of hills and ate wonderful Italian food.

I know I need a break when… I get snappy with the kids and I feel I’m dropping the balls I usually juggle quite capably. At the moment both my mother and mother-in-law are having cancer treatment, so there’s a lot to handle.

I ate… Pizza, of course, but also lots of simple dishes made with produce from the market. Fresh clams with parsley and pasta was a highlight, with a simple salad of tomatoes and basil picked from the garden of our little rented house.

I relaxed by… not working! I checked in on emails once a day, so I didn’t have hundreds to come home to, but apart from that I just spent time with my family – swimming, walking and visiting places in the day and playing games in the evenings.

I will try this at home… there’s a fantastic market near where I live and I’ve fallen out of the habit of going. I’m going to make it a weekly trip with the kids, so we can pick lots of fresh, inexpensive produce and they can be involved in the food we put on the table.

I’ll keep the holiday vibe… Being outdoors makes me happy and energised. Walks on the South Downs and by the sea will give me that holiday feeling, even if it’s in the Sussex drizzle and not Amalfi sunshine.

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