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8 Reasons to Say 'Thank You'

Autumn Garden by Jane Clarke
It’s Thanksgiving Day in the US; a time, even during the toughest situations, when people traditionally gather close with those they love and give thanks for what they have. Being able to recognise our good fortune is an area of growing interest in science, with the concept of ‘cultivating gratitude’ proven to strengthen relationships, improve self-esteem and reduce aggression. One study found that writing in a gratitude journal before bed helps you sleep better, while others have found that gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression. There’s even a link between gratitude and physical health, with grateful people reporting fewer aches and pains, exercising more often and attending regular health check-ups.
When you or a loved one are facing a tough health diagnosis, the idea of gratitude may seem a tricky one. But pausing to recognise small pleasures or the moments that can still bring a smile to your face can, I’m sure, make a difference when you’re having a difficult day.
So, in the spirit of counting our blessings, here are a few things I’m grateful for today…
Living in one of the most beautiful peaceful places in the world, where the seasons bring about so many stunning canvasses.
That my daughter Maya and my family are happy and healthy. And that my dad, while living with dementia, is the most giving and happy man, not afraid or inhibited about showing his emotions. 
That while my work life is crazily busy, Nourish is attracting so much feel good validation and that all the amazing people I'm now meeting have a huge desire to work together to bring this next phase alive!
That I have times booked in my diary with dear friends and family to come around, wrap themselves in sheepskins and sit outside by the firepit and help celebrate my half century. I want nothing more than to while away hours catching up under the stars.
That Maya still doesn't mind me cuddling her on the sofa, and together we can find simple things so joyous.
That we can share so many funny times and stories with my dad. When conversations get difficult, repetitive or upsetting, we turn on the music and dance together and we find a happy place again. Music therapy for dementia can be amazing.
That Maya is passionate about being a great showjumper, as I love to see her strive to be the best she can be doing something she loves.
That my mum taught me to create something delicious and nourishing when the fridge looks almost empty. It’s helped to pull us through many a mealtime challenge, living so far away from shops!
Let this Nourish community know what you are thankful for today or any day for that matter in the comments below.


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