'We have a passion to deliver on our Nourish values'


'We have a passion to deliver on our Nourish values'

By Jane Clarke

November 29, 2021

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We’re delighted to welcome Talia Findlay as our Chief Digital Officer. Talia has huge experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, and she will be bringing all her passion, drive and insight to help introduce Nourish Drinks to more people who need a boost of goodness and nourishment in their day.

Jane developed Nourish Drinks, made with the perfect blend of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals, to offer a delicious, all-natural alternative to synthetic meal replacements. As Talia takes up her new role, she chats with Jane about delivering on our purpose and values, and looking ahead to an exciting new year for Nourish…

Jane The dream for Nourish right from the beginning was that we would be able to reach and connect with people who need nourishment, and to bring it to them in their homes. If you need support yourself, or you’re looking after a loved one, having our Nourish Drinks arrive at the door, so you can have them whenever you need them, is such a reassurance.

A few years ago, it was only videos that were delivered this way. Now we can have groceries, houseplants, coffee – anything, really – delivered on demand. If you’re worried about an older relative who is recovering from a fall, or want to send our Nourish Drinks to a pregnant friend who’s struggling to eat a meal – then you can order them and they can arrive the next day. We receive so many emails and Trustpilot reviews that show the enormous difference we are making to people’s lives.

Now we’ve planted this seed, we’re at the stage where we can make Nourish Drinks a household name. It’s a really exciting moment, where you have joined us and all your expertise and your passion and your compassion can help us grow this seedling into a forest.

Talia Well, I'm happy to be watering the seeds! From my perspective, it was a very easy decision to come on board.


In terms of purpose, the proposition and the impact that Nourish Drinks are having on people, it’s inspiring.

It’s a bit full circle in terms of my background, as I've been involved in human nourishment – and pet nourishment – for the past 10 years or so. Nourish is a brand that’s committed to making a difference and creating a really premium product, with no shortcuts, and those principles really came across to me and were one of the reasons I wanted to work with you. It’s not just lip service. Talking to you, and then meeting the rest of the team, the passion and the professionalism to deliver on those values is absolutely evident. Luckily I've got 25 years worth of digital experience building and ecommerce to bring, too.

Coming out of my previous role, one of my concerns was whether I would find something to do that really had a value and purpose. With Covid, I think we’ve all questioned our lives and how we spend our time, and I think it's really important for everyone that we do something that is meaningful. For me, there is real serendipity about how we connected and why. There are lovely synergies and coincidences, like our children having known each other at school. We didn’t know that before we were introduced, so it felt like something was pulling us together to make it happen.

There will be challenges. None of us has the expectation that this will be easy, so I think there’s a real drive and passion to deliver from across the team. And we will face those challenges together. But when we receive emails, as we did this week, from a mother telling us how much Nourish Drinks have helped her young daughter who is in hospital having cancer treatment, we know how important this is. That human connection is vital, and it’s what we’re all looking for in life.

Jane Now we have more investment, and we have our medical advisory panel on board, we are really going to be punching hard.


My drive to create Nourish was the injustice; that vulnerable people were being let down by the supplements and meal alternatives being given to them.

It’s why Prue Leith is so proud to be our Patron. We need to drive the agenda so that true nourishment reaches everyone. I’ve never been afraid of a fight, since working with Jamie Oliver on his School Meals Campaign, when I had hate mail to my home. I don’t mind if it means I'm doing the right thing.

Talia Quality doesn’t come from taking the easy decisions; you have to go through a bit of adversity and challenge to do the right thing. We’re on the same page – and I felt that from the moment we first spoke. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.

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