The truth about cholesterol and eggs


The truth about cholesterol and eggs

There's a lot of confusion around the cholesterol contained in eggs, and whether it can raise our risk of heart disease. It's true that eggs are naturally high in cholesterol but, significantly, research shows that it doesn't raise levels of cholesterol in our blood in the way that other cholesterol-rich foods do. In fact, a report from the prestigious Mayo Clinic found that most people can eat up to seven eggs a week without increasing their risk of heart disease.
Here are seven great reasons to add a daily egg to your diet and how to enjoy them safely…
1 They're rich in easily digestible protein and contain all the nine amino acids our body needs to build muscle and function well.
2 It's egg yolks that contain cholesterol, so if you want to avoid cholesterol entirely, you can opt to eat only protein-rich egg whites instead.
3 Eating eggs regularly can actually reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a study in China that followed half a million people eating an egg a day.
4 They're a source of vitamin D and B vitamins, which many people are deficient in.
5 Eggs also contain choline, a mineral that's essential for brain function and memory. And the carotenes in egg are known to reduce risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.
6 Look for the Lion Mark. A red lion stamped on your egg means it's been tested for salmonella and is safe to eat, even if you are elderly, very young or pregnant.
7 Opt for poached or boiled eggs. If we cook eggs in saturated fats like oil or butter, we're adding extra cholesterol to our plate. A large egg contains around 186mg cholesterol (the daily recommended limit is 300m), so a poached or boiled egg will keep you in the safe zone.
Try these brilliant egg recipes
Cheese soufflé - surprisingly straightforward to make, rich in protein and soft to eat
Kedgeree - with tender fish, soft eggs and gentle spices
Cheese fluff - a new take on cheese on toast, with whisked eggs that feel light on the stomach

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