Our Nourish Advent calendar


Our Nourish Advent calendar

By Andrea Childs

December 02, 2019

While so many of use look forward to the festive celebrations, this can be a difficult time of year for some. Which is why the Nourish team is committed to spreading a little Christmas cheer in our communities. Andreas Wingert, our wonderful Nourish chef, has come up with ideas for each week in the run-up to Christmas. Why not join us by picking one or two to do and sharing them with us via email or social media. Let’s spread a little joy and kindness this Christmas!

Week one
Share a piece of cake and a cup of tea with one of your neighbours
Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
Hold the door open for a person you don’t know

Week two
Bake a cake and donate it to a local care home for the carers and residents
Buy a warm drink and some food for someone who is homeless
Send five friends a thank you note for being in your life

Week three
Treat a stranger – you could by a drink for the next person in line in a coffee shop
Make a small donation to a local hospice or care home
Make space on a bus for a person that needs the seat more than you

Week four
Join a choir to sing Christmas songs at a community event
Buy a Christmas gift and donate it to a children’s home.
Ask someone living alone if they’d like some company over Christmas

Happy Christmas!

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