Enjoy your runny eggs again


Enjoy your runny eggs again

By Jane Clarke

July 26, 2016

At last, the announcement that pregnant women and people in their later years can eat soft eggs, has hit the headlines.
It's been a long hard slog for the egg industry to get delicious dishes such as a fluffy cheese soufflé, homemade mayonnaise and the French classic ile flottante (little fluffy islands of melt-in-the-mouth uncooked egg in an oh-so-easy-to-swallow, light custard) back on the menu.
The lion mark is the mark of assurance that the egg you're about to eat has been produced to the required standards to offer certainty that you're not putting your health at risk by enjoying dishes which had, for a couple of decades, been banished from the kitchens.
So look out for the stamp and get making homemade mayonnaise to serve alongside steamed new potatoes which are, I think, particularly delicious cool, dipped in homemade mayo to which you've added freshly chopped herbs such as dill, mint and parsley.
Something so simple can at this sunny time of year, be scrumptious alongside any other picnic favourite. From cold cuts such as thinly sliced, cold roast lamb or flakes of melt-in-your-mouth poached trout. It's time to get cracking!


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